About AlphaTech

AlphaTech is a recognized industry leader in the field of analytic measurement and GMP compliance. Established in 1997 and based in the NYC Metro area, AlphaTech enables pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratories to achieve the highest levels of GMP compliance, safety, and qualification, and consistently operate at peak performance.

Built on a dedicated commitment to quality, reliability, and cost efficiency, AlphaTech’s modern laboratory opened in Spring 2005 and was immediately registered and certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). AlphaTech offers consolidated capabilities for analytical instrumentation, method validation, and instrument management services across a broad range of instrument families and multi-vendor equipment platforms. With Total Quality Service (TQS), AlphaTech ensures unparalleled equipment performance, instrument uptime, and investment protection to meet your laboratory’s needs.

Industry Leadership

AlphaTech President and Founder Vito F. Grisanti is an esteemed industry leader with immaculate reputation for superior performance and cost efficient service. Mr. Grisanti began his three-decade career in 1985 at Hewlett Packard/Agilent and gained valuable experience at Waters before founding AlphaTech in 1997. His published rticle “Operational and Performance Qualification” reflects his personal and professional commitment to excellence and has become a recognized industry resource for GMP compliance and safety. According to Mr. Grisanti, “Installation and operational qualification is not just an option in a regulated environment, it is a matter of law.”

Expert Service Engineers

Service Engineers are experts in Analytic Measurement and GMP Compliance. With advanced and continuous training, each Service Engineer is comvmitted to delivering the highest levels of compliance, safety, and qualification with dedication to achieving the fastest response times in the industry. Every Service Engineer has attained formal education in a specialized analytic science with an average X years of industry experience. Our teams members are trained across a broad range of instrument families and multi-vendor equipment platforms with additional specialization in Hewlett Packard/Agilent and Waters equipment.

Fast Facts
President and Founder Vito F. Grisanti begins Professional Career in Analytic Measurement and GMP Compliance
AlphaTech Founded to Deliver Superior Quality On-Site Service and Support on Liquid and Gas Chromatography Instrumentation with Unparalleled Cost Efficiency
Mr. Grisanti Publishes "Operational and Performance Qualification" as an Industry Leading Guideline for Analytic Measurement and GMP Compliance
AlphaTech Laboratory Opens and is Certified by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Customer Training and Hands-On Instrumentation Training
Comprehensive Suite of 5 AlphaTech Total Quality Service (TQS) plans for GMP Compliance, Product Safety, Resource Productivity, and Cost Efficiency
Average Years of Qualified Industry Experience of AlphaTech Service Engineer